mostly into cartoons, games and weird comics. MORE DETAILED LIST

weird things, y2k culture, 90's/early 2000s toys, tamagotchis and similar, weird obscure games, franco-belgian comics, lost media, old web, computers, robotics, the occult, literally just the word "wacky", goth subculture

Astronomy, science, geology, nature, animals especially insects, reptiles, and sea creatures (MAINLY deep sea)

Cryptozoology, ufology, scp, kaiju, monster designs, urban legends

Horror, scifi, arthouse, stopmotion, 2d animation

my favorite genres are synthpop, postpunk, avant garde, industrial, retro electro, psychedelic rock, garage rock, lo-fi, new wave, folk, breakcore, metal, new age

as you can see i love acid green. that's all i wanted to say here

i'm a big cartoon network fan. super into nickelodeon and the following game companies: sega, capcom, and level5

many series from my childhood are a special interest of mine and sometimes i may spam about them

i change fixations a lot. sometimes i go with the same fixation for a week or more other times it's less than a day

i'm always critical of the things i like