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β™° rubberhose cartoon cat with a witch hat β™°

edgar dante ⛧ ed/eddie/jack

twenty four (june 3) ⚣ nb trans man he/him and they/them

white latinx from brazil. PTBR and English ok

autistc/adhd and quite forgetful so please be patient

studying computer sciences and i have a dream of becoming an illustrator or animator. being smart is my toxic trait

i want to collect old 90s/y2k toys and just weird items in the future. i'm a mallgoth at heart

i'm really bad at first impressions and keeping conversations and may look uncaring but i enjoy talking to new people!

i like speaking in third person sometimes. no reason i just find it fun to do


intp ⛧ chaotic neutral ⛧ melancholic

4w5 ⛧ violet rainbow